Eligibility to Take the ARE 5.0

Before you can start taking the ARE, you have to first gain eligibility. That means there are some required steps you have to take before you’re even allowed to schedule an exam. 

The first and most obvious step is that you must have a degree from a NAAB accredited architecture school. This means the school is recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).  

You may have gone through a 5-year program and earned a Professional Degree in Architecture, or you may have earned a Masters in Architecture from an accredited program.

The second step is making sure you have an active NCARB account  If you let this account lapse you will have an issue registering to take exams, so make sure you keep it active!

Third, you will need to have an official transcript sent to NCARB in order to verify your Architecture Education, and you will need to begin the AXP

Currently, most states allow you to take the ARE concurrently with recording your AXP hours. But, there are a few that require you to complete all of your AXP hours before you can sit for any exams. Be sure to double check with your state to confirm. 

Under the exams tab in you NCARB account, you will be able to select the jurisdiction you want to test in and request eligibility to test. NCARB’s system will automatically verify if you have the required education and experience on record to request eligibility. 

If you do, then an email will be automatically sent to your chosen jurisdiction asking that they review your request. 

Once your jurisdiction reviews your request, you may be prompted to complete some additional steps, such as filling out a state form and paying a fee. This can be different for each jurisdiction. 

Once you have been granted eligibility to take the ARE you will receive a confirmation email.

Of course, if you have any more detailed questions or concerns, you can find more information on the NCARB website, or by calling their help number. 

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