How to Pass the ARE 5.0

So you’ve gone through the blood sweat and tears of architecture school…you’ve gotten a job (or maybe several)…and you’ve put in hours upon hours of work…but your biggest question now is “How do I pass the ARE?”.

The ARE is no easy feat, as we all know.

6 exams – just under 26 hours of your time spent in a testing center. And that doesn’t count the endless hours of studying to prepare.

But the Architect Registration Exams are not just your average “study and go” type of tests. Its not a memorization game, and there is so much more behind getting the coveted PASS.

First, you have to want it. Before you invest your time and money on embarking on this journey towards licensure, make sure that you want it. Figure out why it is that you want to get your license and remember that reason as you are working toward this goal. You need that drive within you to keep you on track.

Second, you have to believe you can do it. No more telling yourself “I’m not a good test taker” or “I’ll never remember all of this” or “I’ll never understand this concept” or “my friends are way smarter than me” or “my co-worker has way more experience than I do”.


By doing this you are slowing yourself down and making things more difficult for yourself. You have to build yourself up. Get into the winning mindset.

Third, you have to find your study style.

There’s no doubt that there is a lot to know for these exams. And while some may be blessed with the ability to speed read and photographically remember every last detail…most of us have to read, write, watch, listen, experience, or a combination of all 5 to really grasp all of the information. Try different methods, find what works for you and stick to it.

Fourth, you just have to start. Stop giving yourself excuses…there is no time like the present.

And last but not least, surround yourself with motivation to keep going.

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