The Best Way to Reinforce ARE 5.0 Study Material

So you’ve been studying for your upcoming exam and you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to prepare for test day.

One good way of reinforcing what you’ve studied is to reiterate what you’ve learned in other forms. For example, writing your own flash cards from the material you’ve read. The act of physically writing the information in your own words can really help solidify the topic. 

Another great method is to take a subject or topic you are studying, and try to “teach” it to someone you know that is a NON-architect. Of course, the person you’re “teaching” doesn’t actually need to retain this information, but the key is that your “student” is someone that doesn’t know it all already. By trying to explain the topic to someone else, you can confirm whether or not you really understand the information yourself. 

Finally, our favorite method of all is practice, practice, practice! It is beneficial to take as many practice exams and answer as many questions as you can get your hands on. Seeing the information in a different format, translated into various scenarios and questions really helps you reinforce everything you have studied. 

As you probably already know, the big study books such as Ballast and Brightwood/PPI have practice tests available to use. But, you may not know yet that we also have our own full-length practice exams as well! 

Our tests feature multiple question types and our own unique questions – many with diagrams – so you can be assured that the questions you see are not just regurgitated straight from a text book. 

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The best way to prepare for the ARE is with practice exams. Our online exams will get you test day ready!

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