The Most Important Tip for Passing the ARE 5.0

You’ve probably heard countless tips on how to pass the ARE by now…right?

Start today, don’t give up, have a good support system, study from certain books, make flashcards, the list goes on and on.But there is one key tip that is crucial in successfully conquering the ARE’s.


Yes, that right…momentum. Always keep moving forward. We all have different obligations and schedules, no two study schedules may look alike.

One person may have five uninterrupted hours a day to dedicate to studying while others may only have one.Whatever your circumstances may be, the important thing is that you’re always doing something to get you closer to your goal.

Even if it is just answering some practice questions or reviewing flashcards…do something every single day related to studying for your next exam.

Now, of course, you can’t expect to spend 10 minutes day on studying and be ready to pass the exam in a few weeks. You do have to realistically spend hours upon hours of time preparing. However, if you were only able to get 45 minutes in one night instead of your originally planned 2 hours…don’t stress. 45 minutes of focused study time is better than nothing.

The most important thing is that your brain is taking in study content every day.

If you studied for three hours on Saturday and then didn’t look at any other study material until the following Saturday, chances are you probably will have forgotten everything you went over last week.

Get into a groove and try your best not to fall off the wagon.

Life happens and sometimes things put a dent in our plans. Do your best to get up the next day and get back on track, whatever your strategy may be.

Maybe your co-worker is able to take one test every month….good for her…but that might not work for you. Don’t let that intimidate you. If you feel that taking one test every three months is more realistic and achievable for you and your life, then that’s great too. Find what works for you.

You will get there. Just keep moving.

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