Understanding vs. Memorizing in the ARE 5.0

You may or may not have heard this already. But it is worth repeating.

The ARE 5.0 exams are not all about memorization and regurgitation. 

There are six exams and a lot of information to cover, and you will, without a doubt, be more successful in conquering them if you stop trying to play the memorization game and just focus on understanding the concepts. 

When you truly understand a concept and why it informs other decisions, you will be able to answer far more questions than if you just memorized a couple of facts about a topic. 

When you understand things, they live in your brain differently. 

It’s no longer a game of searching for the right answer, hoping you didn’t mistake it for another word. Instead, you know how something works, and why, therefore, x, y, or z must be the correct answer. 

You will be able to explain a concept rather than just spit out the name of it. This will not only help you in your testing performance, but in your professional practice as an Architect. 

You won’t forget 90% of the information the second you walk out of the testing center. You will be more likely to remember it going forward, since you understand the concepts and the reasoning behind them. 

Of course there’s no way for us to know everything, and there will always be curveballs written in the hopes of tripping you up on the exam.

However, when you have the understanding down, you will be surprised to find you know way more than you think. 

For extra help, you can check out some of our free short study snippet videos to get a better understanding of some popular topics that show up on the exam. 

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