What to Bring to the Testing Center

The morning of your ARE exam can be overwhelming. In order to calm your nerves, it’s best to pack what you will need on test day the night before. This will remove any chance of forgetting something important the day of your exam, sending you into a frazzled downward spiral hours or minutes before test time.

Here are a few things we recommend packing to bring to your exam:

  1. License / ID | You will need your ID (most likely your driver’s license) to check in at the testing center. It will also be the only item you keep with you during the test, other than your locker key.
  2. Printed Exam Reservation | It is smart to print your exam reservation to bring with you. If by some slim chance the testing center’s system is down or your reservation “can’t be found”, you will have proof of the date and time of your appointment.
  3. Directions / address of the testing center | You don’t want to get lost on your way to the testing center…or worse…show up to the wrong place. Make sure you have the correct address of the testing center you will be going to.
  4. Eyewear | Will you need reading glasses during your exam? Make sure you pack them. Do you wear contact lenses? We recommend bringing an extra set of lenses and your prescription glasses to keep in your locker at the testing center. You probably won’t need to use either of them, but you will be glad you thought ahead should an issue arise mid-exam.
  5. Snack and water | You will receive an optional 15-minute break during your exam. During this time you can go to the bathroom and have a quick snack and drink. Bring a bottle of water or juice and a protein bar for a quick snack that will keep you from feeling hungry during the rest of the exam.
  6. Last second notes | This is just for those people that want to be able to quickly review some notes before heading into the testing center. If you are in that group, bring your study cheat sheet in the car to review some last second info. However, make sure you leave any notes you bring in the car!! You absolutely cannot bring any material into the testing center.
  7. Medication | If you have any medical conditions that may require you to take pills or use inhalers, etc. during your exam, make sure you pack them the night before to ensure you do not forget them! You can keep these in your locker at the testing center; you don’t want to have to leave the test early because you forgot your medication.

We recommend leaving jewelry at home. You will be asked to remove it before your exam. Comfortable clothes are best, since you will be sitting for a long period of time. Pants without pockets, while not required, will make the check-in process even easier, since you will be “wanded” and asked to turn any pockets you have inside-out every time you enter and exit the testing room. Don’t forget that you will not be allowed to look at your cell-phone once you are checked in; it may be best to leave it in the car.

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